Bass Guitar (Green LED)

It's The Real Deal!
- No DSP
- No Amp Modeling

What does the AxeTrak®
for Bass Guitar do?

  • Enables recording of true mic'd amplifier bass tones 24/7, without being heard by your neighbors.
  • The AxeTrak® is 100% analog and produces warm and natural sounding bass guitar tones with very little effort. Much warmer sounding than any direct box or DI.
  • Eliminates the possibility of background noises affecting the recording of bass guitar tracks.
  • Provides a great sounding alternative for any bass guitarist wanting to record the sound and characteristics of their live rig (amp, pedals, racks, and other devices) without having to haul around large speaker cabinets.
  • Totally portable and does not require a power supply or battery. This device is extremely reliable and is not sensitive to voltage spikes and changes in AC power lines like digital signal processors. The AxeTrak® is a sturdy workhorse for the studio bass guitarist.
  • Can provide a quiet rehearsal solution for any amplified band.  
  • It's also a perfect load for doing amplifier repairs as opposed to a dummy load resistor. It allows you to hear what's going on with the amplifier while testing it.

Now you can record the deep warm amplified tone of your bass guitar amp without being heard by your neighbors. Introducing the AxeTrak® for bass guitar. This model is made identical to the original AxeTrak® for guitar with two major differences. The heavy-duty 6" bass driver used in this version of the AxeTrak® was custom made to our unique specifications by Eminence Speaker. It has excellent low-end frequency characteristics as well as great presence. This model AxeTrak® is capable of reproducing ground thumping bass tones with incredible clarity. Want extreme low end? Just open the "Deep Port" on the side of the AxeTrak® and STEP BACK!!! You'll swear you're playing through an 18" speaker and a pair of 10's. This model also utilizes a green LED so that it can be easily distinguished from the original model for guitar (red LED). The recorded sound of this small lightweight device is totally awesome and will blow you away. Please take a few minutes to check out the sound clips below. 

“For a bass player that uses a lot of effects, it is imperative that my speaker cabinets produce low frequencies evenly without overemphasizing messy subs. When it comes to recording funk, it is also necessary that I have a good amount of presence for my unique style and technique. The AxeTrak produces a rounded sound that gives the warmth of an amp being mic’d and noise free presence without the clicky treble tone that you often get from direct recording. When it comes to laying bass tracks in the studio, I won’t be caught dead without my AxeTrak. “

-Jara, Bassist, Songwriter & Producer, Slapbak


Sound Clips (Bass Guitar Version)

The first three clips were recorded using a P bass with a Bartolini pickup in the bridge position, and a vintage Randall B1000 Road Warrior bass amp with the exception of the 2nd clip. The bass amp used on the "P Bass with Drums" clip was the Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T amp. The last three clips were also recorded using a P bass and a Behringer Ultrabass Bx3000T.

(All clips recorded by Jeff Harris exactly as described)

P Bass Bass1.mp3  (186k)
P Bass with Drums Bass & Drums.mp3  (288k)
5 String Bass 5String.mp3  (277k)
Slap Bass (Performed by Jara of Slapbak) BrightSlapBass.mp3  (367k)
Slap Bass (Performed by Jara of Slapbak) SlapBass.mp3  (372k)
Slap Bass (Performed by Jara of Slapbak) HeavyFunkSlap.mp3  (622k)


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